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Located in the Niagara wine region of Ontario, Canada, Seventh Engine is the name under which Designer, Ken Dyment assists other businesses in developing and meeting their brand and marketing objectives.

Seventh Engine is the culmination of experience, discovery, and desire.

PrintSeventh Engine’s focus is primarily directed towards projects including brand development, establishing corporate identities for new and existing businesses, and support projects that lend to the growth and evolution of my clients’ brands. When I became self-employed in 2003, a mentor gave me some extremely valuable, and admittedly humbling, advice: “Take any and every job that comes your way.” Over the years, this philosophy certainly brought with it headaches and steep learning curves; however, it also initiated more learning and experience than any other approach towards the building of my business would have in terms of how I learn and work. The same mentor also said that, if done right, there will be a day when I would move beyond the do-all-and-take-all approach and that I’d know when that time has come. He was right.