Where the value lies when it comes to your logo and brand…
Such a determination is dependent upon several aspects of exposure, reach, uses and the overall significance of your logo to your product or service’s success. After a basic introduction to you and your business, along with some key questions, we determine the approaches and deliverables necessary to make your investment worth while.

Below is a general outline of budget ranges for Seventh Engine’s Logo & Brand Identity development services. If, upon reviewing these pricing structures, you are still interested in working together, please get in touch so that we can discuss your needs and outline expectations in greater detail.

gentle_touch_logos $1,000 to $3,000
The Gentle Touch comes from what I often hear upon budget discussion with clients: “Please be gentle with us.” That’s certainly an understandable request. Typically, clients that request a logo within this price range are looking for a simple, straightforward logo for a small business or the updating and refresh of an existing logo. A logo in this budget range, includes all necessary considerations for usage and subsequent file types. No matter if you’re a new start-up, smaller business, freelancer, consultant, or represent any other product or service, my commitment to a successful final result is no less than it is for any other client. Being a small business owner myself, I understand and appreciate the significance of your business to you. It’s also beneficial to my business to do what I can to help yours achieve its potential. As more uses and requirements arise while your business grows, I remain available to accommodate all such necessities.

big_hit_logos $3,000 to $10,000
Now, you’re not messing around. Good—neither am I. You may own or represent a larger business, a more high-profile and recognizable brand or on your way to that brand status. I call this the Big Hit because, that’s what you’re looking for in every way. A knockout with the bells and whistles to back it up. That’s why you came to me. You’ve got/want/need exposure and with that comes many usage applications and probably continued maintenance as your brand evolves. The Big Hit can include stationery design, signage, product application examples, style guides, and much more. It’s not uncommon for our initial agreement to include a list of applications and upon completion, continue to grow and subsequently carry additional billings. That’s business and you know it. You want a pro, realize the value of true, experienced, and considerate design, and want this to be applied to the importance of your product or service.

all_in_logos $10,000 to “our driver will pick you up at the airport”
It’s likely that neither you nor I have many questions of expectation when it comes to The All In. You’re coming to me for the best. We are likely looking at a good couple of months in close contact with each other. It’s my job to know your business and product inside out and upside down. Clarity, research, and commitment to the process is of utmost importance here. The All In is not referring to your expense—it is, in fact, referring to what I offer. This will be a project requiring the talented team that backs me when I need it. One mind can’t be as clever and creative as three or four exceptional designers. After your logo has been completed, we may be looking at several conceptual processes for usage or you may already have a well-structured system in place for this. It’s not uncommon for clients to request anonymity of the designer and this would be outlined in initial documentation to ensure complete confidentiality and the absence of your logo from 7thEngine’s promotional materials and related portfolios, if you so desire. You clearly realize that your brand carries with it much exposure and recognition; therefore, it’s worth a very considerable investment by your business. In turn, it’s an “All In” investment from mine.

Need some guidance or have some questions?
If you’re uncertain of what pricing structure your logo and branding project may fall under and would like a detailed outline of what each range includes as deliverables, please get in touch so that together, we can determine the appropriate budget.

Would you like us to prepare a Logo Development Proposal?
If you’re ready to take the step and possibly work with 7thEngine to develop your logo and brand, please contact us So that we can get the process started.



Several of 7thEngine’s logos have been published in the Logolounge Book Series