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David Airey posts a brief interview he did about crowdsourcing design services

Crowdsourcing has become one of the most controversial and hotly-debated aspects of the Graphic Design industry. Admittedly, I think the business model itself is genius. Yet, for the designers contestants and clients those who post the contests, the too-good-to-be-true scenario often rears its ugly head during and after the contest. For many reasons…many, many reasons.*shiver* I could honestly go on […]

SPIN Magazine’s Top 100 Alternative Albums of the 1960s with a fantastic gallery of cover art

SPIN Magazine’s Top 100 Alternative Albums of the 1960s with a fantastic gallery of cover art—pre-computers…using pasteups, collages, knives, chemicals, glue, chewing tobacco…take me there

Collection of Inspiring Quotes with Pics of the Quotees

We all come across interesting and inspiring quotations. I enjoy lending tribute to those—designers, entertainers, etc.—who said them by making a simple graphic of them and the quote. then posting it on my Facebook page. This is just a collection of those I have posted so far. I thought it might be nice to gather them together. There are always […]

The People Who Surround Your Business, Can Strengthen or Wound its Brand [repost]

I’ve been thinking a lot about how significant the people who in any way represent a business really are to the success of its brand. Not only does this apply to the employees of a company, but even in regard to the clients that it serves, and a number of other people who directly or indirectly—even unknowingly—represent that business. Prior […]

A new name. A new brand. A fresh start.

If you were familiar with 7thEngine’s previous existence as Pricedyment, you’ll notice that some changes have happened. Personally, I’ve always found it difficult to release work prior to what I would deem its detailed and best-it-can-get completion; however, I’m learning that sometimes, we just have to get it out there and keep working on it right out in the open. […]