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A new name. A new brand. A fresh start.

A new name. A new brand. A fresh start.

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If you were familiar with 7thEngine’s previous existence as Pricedyment, you’ll notice that some changes have happened. Personally, I’ve always found it difficult to release work prior to what I would deem its detailed and best-it-can-get completion; however, I’m learning that sometimes, we just have to get it out there and keep working on it right out in the open. So, although there are continued additions and adjustments–even if right down to some things being moved a few pixels here and there–it was time to just get this site up.

People have been asking me why I decided to change the name of my business, as Pricedyment does have some familiarity in the region and amongst the circles many of our clients work within. Throughout the last nearly ten years of operation, Pricedyment has gone through several looks and has suffered many time periods of identity crisis. At other times, I was happy with the look, the colours, the feel; however, all of it has become dated—I can certainly admit that. From style and persona, to the actual site function, user experience, and compatibility with new technologies—specifically, “smart” devices. In other words, it’s time to for my own business’ brand to reflect the changing times. It’s one thing to do that for clients, but there’s a point where it’s detrimental to not be doing the same for yourself.

Changing the business’ name at the same time as a brand refresh makes sense. For a couple of years now, I have intended to integrate the 7thEngine name into the business. In small ways I have used the name, but never by directly representing myself or my actual design company. So, now I am working through extra efforts and inevitable headaches to dissolve Pricedyment and rev up 7thEngine—pun definitely intended.

The 7thEngine brand is very different from that of Pricedyment’s more sedate, passive, and corporate style. This has come about for several reasons, but for the most part, I feel that the new creative direction best represents my own evolving style and more alternative approach to business. 7thEngine’s identity is in no way showy, but I believe it carries a certain confidence that Pricedyment never had. I feel like I’ve finally hit my stride as a designer and business owner. Still, I seriously hope it’s not all downhill from here. Some might say ten years is a long time to get to that point. Others may agree that ten years goes by so fast that it’s quite natural to begin to know oneself as a designer and business owner within that time frame. It’s likely different for most of us. All I can say is that it’s taken me this long to feel truly at home in my own shoes and I’d like 7thEngine Design Co. to reflect that. More of the story and my philosophy can be read here.

Like Pricedyment did, 7thEngine too will evolve and find its way. One thing I can assure is that 7thEngine is beginning its existence in the hands of a much more experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable me. Looking back, I have several, “What was I thinking?” reflections, and I’ll likely have more. Yet, in just the few short months that I have spent assembling this new brand for application to the business, I have seen a much more mature designer and business person come out in myself, and it feels great.

Hopefully, existing clients will join me and us as we forge ahead. As well, I hope the new brand attracts additional new clients, further increasing the amazing and diverse client base already in place. I certainly don’t let many days go past without thinking about where and how this started, where it’s at, and where I’d like to see it go—all of the time realizing how fortunate I have been to have shared the experience of the first few years with a wonderful business partner, to having the amazing support group of family and friends that I do, and of course to the clients that appreciate and value the services and quality provided.

I hope you’ll continue to visit and stay in touch.

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